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How much will a tiled conservatory roof cost me?

We like to be as open and honest with all our customers.

First things first, if you want to know how much a tiled conservatory roof costs, click here. Yes, that’s right. At Roofs for Conservatory, we like to be as open and honest with all our customers. Our team don’t much like the thought of messing you around. Therefore, this in-depth section on our site is completely dedicated to the pricing of our DIY tiled conservatories.

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With that out the way, we do get this question a lot from casual clickers. “How much will a tiled conservatory roof cost me?” For that reason, we thought we’d write a more generalised page to cater to any folk who are interested in home improvement.

But the honest answer is this: it can vary, a lot.

It depends on what company you go to, what type of roof you want and a whole lot more. So, to satisfy any lurkers out there, we want to run through some of the general rules. We’ll be going through different types of roofs and how much they generally cost per square meter.

Polycarbonate conservatory roof cost

So, as a general rule, if you’re looking for a polycarbonate roof, just know that a lot of people aren’t. We’re just being honest here. Customers now tend to favour glass roofs or solid tile roofs. As a general rule, you’re looking at £205 to £300 per square meter for the polycarbonate roof. Therefore, to cover a 3×5 meter roof, you’re looking somewhere in the region of £3,500 to £4,500. This might not seem like much, but don’t forget that the lifespan of polycarbonate roofs is about 10 years.

Glass conservatory roof cost

Nowadays, these are far more common than polycarbonate roofs. Over the last couple of years, people have been opting for straightaway buying their first conservatory. Currently, the square meter cost is more expensive. You’re looking somewhere in the region of £305 to £350 per square meter which – for a 3×5 – will cost somewhere in the region of £4,500 to £5,250. It is more expensive, but you are looking at about 10 to 20 years for the lifespan. Therefore, you are getting something that could potentially last you twice the length of time as a polycarbonate roof.

Tiled conservatory roof cost

Now we come to our speciality, the solid warmer roof. Unlike the previous two, tiled roofs look a lot more refined. Neighbours might even mistake your conservatory for an extension. Better still, they solve the age-old complaint of older conservatories. You know, in the summer when it’s far too hot and in the winter when it’s far too cold. This is the prime reason homeowners are opting for this over anything else. There is a caveat, however, and that’s the price. But in life, you get what you pay for – do you not?

Tiled Conservatory Roof Cost

Here’s how the tiled conservatory roof cost is worth it

The tiled conservatory roof comes with a prime price tag.

When it comes to the square meterage you are looking at about £445 to £650, so for your 3×5, you are looking at roughly about £6,675 to £9,750. Unlike the others, a tiled conservatory roof should last you for over 20 years. Okay, so obviously, it is the better type of roof. It’s going to last you longer, but it’s going to be a lot more expensive.

The tiled conservatory roof cost depends on the type of conservatory

You might have an Edwardian, a lean-to, a p- shape. There are many different types. Something compact and simple, like the lean-to conservatory, will be far cheaper. This is because it’s a rectangular square. Whereas, if you’re getting something done for a Victorian or a p-shaped conservatory, you should expect them to be more expensive. Why? Simply because they are more labour and material-intensive.

What are the different types of tiled roof conservatory cost?

As we said, at the beginning it’s difficult to answer the cost without any further information! It’s a little bit like you asking the length of a piece of string. Conservatories have different construction systems, with a range of shapes and sizes, and optional extras.

To broaden your view on this subject, conservatories are just like any other industry.

There will be a lower quality, cheap and cheerful way of doing something. You see this with things like cars and watches or anything. So, there is the cheap and cheerful way of doing things, there’s the mid-range, and then there are the high-quality jobs.


Cheap and cheerful

In this industry, a low-quality cheap and cheerful system is what’s called an underclad. Underclad uses the existing roof structure with 65 millimetres of insulated plasterboard underneath. A typical price for these is around £3-4,000, but this could be more for a larger conservatory or less for something smaller, but that’s a sort of typical price.

The issue with this is that the roof will start sagging in the middle.

Let’s say an elderly couple are approached by Tom, Dick and Harry. They would want to sell them an undergrad system because it’s easy to install. The trouble is, they don’t have the couple’s best interests at heart. Over time, the roof leaks, by which time the tradesmen are long gone.

The couple feels as though they were missold and have had to resort to leaving out buckets, sponges and newspaper on the windowsills.

It’s not an ideal situation, and it’s all because they fell for a cheap solution for their 12-year-old roof. The additional material was simply too much, which caused the structure to sag. Leakage subsequently ruined the little insulation they had, and the whole thing requires a redo any way. The couple feels sad about their situation and silly for falling hook, line and sinker whilst trying to avoid a tiled conservatory roof cost.


Timber Replacement

At Roofs for Conservatories, this is the range we tend to start. Our team don’t bother giving low-quality options much thought, and we don’t think you should either. Instead, we begin with a midrange system. This features a timber roof replacement. Once the existing conservatory roof is removed and disposed of, we rebuild it as a timber structure, along with 100mm of insulation.

Atop this, we outfit it with lightweight and aesthetically pleasing tiles.

Unlike the low-quality option, the roof can hold this (and then some) – enough after years of use. A tiled conservatory roof costs between £4-5,000. However, be warned. There are some fantastic tradespeople out there, but some might not bother to correctly outfit the interior. Sure, they will buttress the roof – and should hopefully ensure it’s watertight – but they might not fully insulate it.


Proper Job

For this, we follow the mid-range replacement but take it up a notch. We remove and dispose of the extruding structure. Our team then fit an aluminium extruder ring beam around the perimeter with a timber structure on top.

We avoid aluminium for the rafters due to excessive condensation.

Such condensation can have an adverse effect on the 100mm of insulation and 65mm of insulated plasterboard we fit on the inside. All in all, there’s around about 7 inches of insulation. Then there’s the plywood with a waterproof membrane that we tuck in like a child, and of course, we finish this all off with plaster.

A tiled conservatory roof costs roughly between £5-7,000.

Unlike the low-quality option, the internal structure is a well-engineered timber frame. This comes complete with thick insulation. Then of course, on the outside, you’ve got the tiled roof.

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