Solid Roof Conservatory On Your Home

Why Choose Our Conservatories?

We have spent years perfecting our process to make the best conservatories possible.

We consider our conservatories to be the best on the market and this is because we have made a structure that can be uniquely chosen by you with our range of choices. Our conservatories are also the easiest to build and put together thanks to our amazing pod system and you can now even upgrade your conservatory after it has been built onto your home. We are constantly thinking of new ways to help you our customers to make our conservatories better and your life easier.

When purchasing a conservatory a sensible decision for any homeowner to make is to opt for a solid roof endorsed by authority building control services. In doing so, you improve your chances of receiving building regulations approval. Both JHAI and Assent building control have acknowledged very few solid roofs, but our solid roof has its full backing. This is because they have recognised it as a safe and secure building product that meets their exceptionally high standards for solid roof conservatory on your home.

Benefits Of a Solid Roof Conservatory On Your Home

Our Roofs Are Approved By Building Control Services

Built With Our Pod System

Upgrade Your Conservatory With A New Roof

Biggest Range On The Market

Easily Make Your Home Bigger

Problem / Solution

Need a more efficient roof on your conservatory?

Energy bills keep going up and they are getting very expensive.

Having a solid roof installed onto your conservatory will help to bring down your energy bill.

How Does The Process Work?

Our process is quite easy and straightforward for all of our customers.

So first of all if you have an idea of what you want your conservatory to look like and what size you need it then you can fill out our quick quote form that will help to get you a price for your dream conservatory. Once we have received your order we will provide you with a price as quickly as we possibly can and then you can decide to accept it or not. If you do choose to accept it we will get working straight away on your structure so as to get your order to you as soon as we can.

Once the structure is ready to be built we will deliver the structure straight to your door and then all you have to do is get someone to build it, we can send our team of builders to do this for you and it will be much quicker to put together than a normal structure. You can also build the conservatory yourself, we have had many customers do this themselves as the structure doesn’t need any complicated modifications to fit as it will all just fit together just like a puzzle. We will send you detailed guides and instructions so you are able to build everything by yourself.

What Is The Range Of Choices We Give?

We have so many choices that you can choose from for your conservatory.

The first thing you will need to choose from our range is the style of your conservatory, we have many like Edwardian, Victorian, Gable End and more. Once you are decided on the style of your conservatory you can choose the base of the conservatory, you do get the choice of a dwarf wall or full-height glass, not too much choice for this but either one will create something different to the other and you can choose the brick used from our range on the dwarf wall.

Then we move on to the size of the conservatory. We offer a big range of sizes so that we can accommodate as many people as we can; We do this because we know that everyone has a different amount of space that they have available to them and we know that not everyone wants a big conservatory so by giving our customers as much choice as possible. After this you can choose the roof that will go onto your conservatory, we do highly recommend the tiled roof as this is the best roof that you can get, but if you wish to have a glass or polycarbonate roof they are available too. Once that is picked you are done and we will let you know the price as quickly as we can.

Contact Us For Our Solid Roof Conservatory On Your Home

If you want to know more or find out how much your conservatory would be, get in contact.

A sensible decision for any homeowner is to opt for a solid roof endorsed by authority building control services. Both JHAI and Assent Building Control have acknowledged very few solid roofs, but ours has their full backing. This is because they recognise the Warmer Roof as a safe and secure building product that meets their high standards.

Don’t settle for unapproved roofs. Trust Roofs for Conservatory.

Since then, we have forged an excellent reputation for quality, care and the lowest prices in the industry. With over 15 years of experience in the trade, we ensure our clients receive high-quality, low-cost solutions. Alongside being proud manufacturers of the Warmer Roof, Roofs for Conservatory offer a wide range of bases, windows and doors. All so you can have your dream DIY Conservatory delivered to your door, courtesy of Roofs for Conservatory.

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