Roofs For Your Conservatories

DIY Conservatories With A Tiled Roof

Are you looking to purchase a conservatory and are wondering what the best type of roof would be to get on your conservatory? Well, you can read this page to find out what the best roof will be for you based on what you want to use the conservatory for.

Glass Roof – The glass roofs are very self-sufficient they come with self-cleaning properties. Sunrays break up the dirt on the glass into small pieces which can easily be washed away by raindrops, this will help to keep your conservatory roof nice and clean all year round. The roof can also be quite good at noise reduction; The pitter-patter of rain against your glass roof can be barely noticeable as the glass will be able to absorb most of the sound. Also, with glass, you will get plenty of natural light coming through the roof and into the conservatory. A drawback of having a glass roof on your conservatory would be its failure to properly regulate the temperature of the room, in the summer you will be feeling uncomfortably hot and, in the winter, it will feel very cold; Because of this, it might decrease the amount of time you spend inside of it each year.

Polycarbonate Roof – The prices of polycarbonate roofs can be cheaper than other types of roofs you can get on your conservatory, this is good for someone to know if they are operating on a tight budget and need to make the most out of their money. The durability of the roof should also be very good but there should be no need for your conservatory roof to withstand real force and should protect your just fine when the weather isn’t so nice. A drawback of this roof is the noise that comes in from the outside world. For example, when raining the sound of the droplets hitting the roof will be loud and very annoying, therefore if your conservatory was meant to be a quiet and relaxing place, it won’t be when it is raining. The energy efficiency will also be quite poor and you will suffer similar problems you get with the glass roof during the summer and winter.

Tiled Roof – With the tiled roof you will be comfortable all year round, this means that during the summer the conservatory won’t overheat and in the winter, you’ll be able to warm up the conservatory with minimal heating thanks to its amazing U-value of 0.14. The tiled room can also be used more like a living room than an occasional room that can be used when you want to. As said before the energy efficiency is brilliant on these roofs and will most definitely save you money on your energy bill as well as saving the environment. The soundproofing is also a very good feature on this type of roof as the sound of rain and other noises can be blocked out incredibly well with the tiled roof meaning it will be a quiet and relaxing place for you. Another amazing feature that you get with the roof is the variety of finishes you get for the roof. This means that you can blend the conservatory in with the exterior of your home. The roof is also low maintenance so you don’t have to do a lot to keep it in good condition; Things like dirt won’t come up so easily and the roof also has great durability.

The drawbacks of this roof are that it won’t let in as much natural light as the glass or polycarbonate roof does, but this can be counteracted by installing skylights into the roof and this will help to still bring in a good amount of natural light. The tiled roof is also more expensive but a lot of people say the extra cost is well worth the benefits you get over all the other roofs.

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