Roofs For Conservatory Insulation

When you are looking at purchasing a new conservatory you will have a lot of choice with our range. We have Lean-To, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable End and many more. Then once you have picked your style of conservatory you can then choose whether you want the dwarf wall or full-height glass base to your conservatory. With the dwarf wall, you are able to pick the brick that is used on it and many customers like to choose the same or similar brick to what their home already has. Then once you have done that part you will be able to choose a size that will best fit your home. Each of our conservatories has its own range of sizes that it can come in and you the customer has a free choice of what size you would like within the range.

This is because we know that people all have different amounts of room available to put in a conservatory and everyone also has their own preference to how big they want their conservatory; Some people will want a bigger one and some like to have a small one on their home. When you have decided on the size you can move onto the roof that you will have in your conservatory. We recommend the tiled roof but you still have the choice of a glass or polycarbonate roof as well. With our tiled roofs you are able to get skylights installed into them and this will help to bring in natural light that would be blocked out by the roof. This is especially helpful to people who are still considering a glass or polycarbonate roof because of the light it can bring in.

Roofs For Conservatory Insulation

More About Roofs For Conservatory Insulation

Our conservatories are DIY and this means that you will be to put your very own conservatory together. What we will do is send you all of the necessary guides and instructions so you won’t need to worry about getting stuck at any point in the build. Our customers have said that when they have built their own conservatory, the amount of satisfaction they get from it is amazing. If you want to experience that yourself then why not give it a go? If you don’t feel up to the challenge then that is also fine and we can get our professional builders to build it for you. This won’t take long at all and you will know that it is being done properly.

If you already own a conservatory but you want to have a tiled roof installed onto your structure instead of your glass or polycarbonate roof, our team is able to undertake the roof replacement, we know speed is crucial for protecting your space and minimising disruptions. Fortunately thanks to our speedy installations team, the inside of your room will only be exposed for as little as an hour. We are compliant with all of the regulations surrounding the conservatories and roofs we provide you and each of our conservatories has been extensively tested to ensure the reliability and quality of the roof is the best it can be.

Want to know more? Why not get in contact with our team who will be able to answer any of the questions that you have. As well you are also welcome to come down and visit our factory to see our whole range of conservatories.