Replacement Roofs For Conservatory

DIY Conservatories With A Tiled Roof
A sensible decision for a homeowner to make is to opt for a tiled roof. This is because the roof boasts a bunch of features that will make your experience with the conservatory much better. The tiled roof will enable you to use the conservatory for much longer periods of the year. During the winter months the roof will be able to keep the warmer air inside of the conservatory so you aren’t spending too much on your heating bill. This will also help the environment as you aren’t using as many fossil fuels to heat the conservatory up and at a time where we need to be more aware of our energy usage the tiled roof really helps to ensure you aren’t using more energy than what you should.

More About Replacement Roofs For Conservatory

The tiled roof is designed to be used on new installations or as a roof replacement to existing conservatories, it has a U-value of 0.14; This is a brilliant U-value and shows that the roof is very efficient as the value is calculated by how much heat escapes through the roof, having the value lower is better. The warm roof design was conceived through the use of a pod system finished off externally with lightweight tiles of your choosing. All the structural and building regulations are met thanks to careful design and engineering. The roof has been extensively tested and certificates issued to ensure it complies and exceeds the current building regulation requirements for both structural and thermal performance.

When carrying out a roof replacement speed is vital to protect your room and minimise disruption. Because the pods are fabricated in the factory, we offer a solution that is installed and made watertight faster than any other roof system. Another benefit of the tiled roof is that the insulation will provide some great acoustics inside of the conservatory you won’t notice any echo like you would in a conservatory with a glass or polycarbonate roof. This means that you will be able to have noise in the conservatory-like music or people talking and the sound won’t bounce off of the roof and will be softer sounding as well. When it is raining the sound of the rain hitting the roof won’t be as loud as it is when you have a glass or polycarbonate roof; You might not even notice anything.

If you are interested in the service, we can provide you with please make sure you get in contact with us to find out more about our wonderful conservatories and how much it would cost you to get one. If you want to see our products before you buy them you can come and visit our factory to see our whole range of tiled roof conservatories you can purchase from us. Get your replacement roofs for conservatory today.