Lean To Conservatory

The lean to conservatory is a fuss-free solution

A bright and airy addition with a simple, clean-lined design.

Looking for a lean extension for your home? If so, then the lean to conservatory is the ideal choice. Unlike other designs, these spaces use a slanted roof and a squared-off floorplan. This makes them perfect for anyone wanting to maximise even the most modest of homes. This bright and airy addition is not only one of the most cost-effective conservatories, but it’s also one of the more popular in England and Wales. This is because the simple, clean-lined design of the lean to conservatory is suited to both modern and period properties.

Its indelible stature and tasteful lines maximise height, light and space.

Running along the back of your property, it’s a flexible way to link your home to your garden. Personalise your lean to conservatory with a tiled roof to create a seamless transition between your home and your extension. Better yet, owing to its simplistic and versatile design, it has the uncanny ability to fit almost anywhere. Rainfall effortlessly glides off your conservatory, and its expanses of glass make your space shine. Thanks to its simplicity and intrinsic versatility, we can tailor the space to your requirements. Get in touch, and we can unearth the design most suitable for you. Otherwise, by requesting a quick quote, you can select from an impressive range of stylistic flourishes. Choose the number of doors, frames and finishes that are most suited to your aesthetic.

The benefits of the lean to conservatory


The lean to conservatory is one of the most affordable and cost-effective conservatories on the market. Thanks to their relatively simple design, installation and maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum – saving you money in the long run. What’s more, the low pitch of the overall structure makes it easier to install in awkward places. This makes them perfect if you want a conservatory but are worried about amending anything for space constraints.

Easy to Install & Maintain

An advantage over other conservatories is that a lean to conservatory has a simplistic design perfect for DIY. Not only is this cheaper than having us do it for you, but you’ll also gain much more satisfaction out of the space if you install these durable low-maintenance systems by hand. Yet, with all this said, some basic tools and expertise are needed, but we’ll help walk you through everything once you’ve placed an order for your DIY kit.

Flexible Slanted Roof System

Lean to conservatories come in a wide variety of materials and configurations. Unlike a double hipped roof, lean to conservatories come with a flatter, more slanted roof. This sits at an angle between the roofline and the wall of your home, often at a lower pitch. Despite its modest design, a lean to conservatory still delivers superb performance. Plus, should you think your structure needs more stability, you can choose to install a dwarf wall.

Pleasingly Petite

Generally speaking, a lean to conservatory is much smaller than other conservatory styles. Yet, thanks to their low pitch roof, they are perfect for small properties, such as bungalows or terraced homes. Plus its rectangular shape and expanse of glazing accommodate a light-filled extension to your home. Its simple design allows rainwater to fall from the back of the conservatory, as they look as though they are “leaning” against the house.

Well Insulated

Due to the expansive glazed areas that make up the lean-to conservatory, they are a spacious and sun-filled extension to your home. Synonymous with sunrooms, our conservatories offer all year round fantastic thermal performance. Its high-performance roof system helps prevent the escape of natural warmth. So you can fully disconnect from the cold of the outdoors without the worry of high heating bills.

Our process

Better still, quoting for a lean to conservatory couldn’t be easier. In fact, we’ve broken it down into a four-step process. To find out more about our quick quotes, see below.

Conservatory Style & Dimensions

Input the style of the conservatory you want (click here for the styles we offer) as well as the width and projection (mm)

Wall & Roof Style

Select the aesthetic style of the wall you would like as well as the roof type and style (please note that insulation will have a significant impact on your property)

Colour of Conservatory, Doors, Fanlights & Any Extras

Input the colour, amount of doors and adjoining doors, plus fanlights. Lastly, leave any necessary additional information

Your Details

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What is a lean to conservatory?

A contemporary style suitable in all manner of traditional or modern homes.

Also known as a Mediterranean sunroom, the lean-to conservatory has been a familiar feature of British homes for nearly a century. With a spacious footprint, large expanses of glazing and a low pitched roof, it’s one of the most versatile and underestimated styles. Its pitched roof gives it the appearance that it’s leaning against the wall of a house – hence the name lean-to. The lean-to conservatory has a simple design and, with at least one wall already built, it saves on labour – which saves you money. Due to the simplicity of its design, heating, electricity, and water are readily available from the house.

This drastically diminishes the costs of installation and maintenance.

With its simple shape and lack of ornate detailing, a lean-to conservatory is a perfect choice for a bright and airy addition to your home. Clean, understated lines give it a contemporary look that is suitable in all manner of traditional or modern homes. However, the style is perfect for properties with restricted space under the eaves, like a bungalow. This is because the pitch of the roof can vary – creating additional space and maximising natural light. In many cases, the sloping roof is also glazed. However, it’s become increasingly common to see tiled roofs on a lean-to conservatory. The reason is that it’s far more affordable than a traditional extension but still creates a seamless transition with the property. These types of conservatories have their origins in greenhouses that were built to face the southern sun.

Bring a flavour of the Mediterranean into your home.

A lean-to conservatory brings a flavour of the Mediterranean into your home whilst improving its energy balance. The glass can trap and attract the sun, convert it into heat, and offer shelter against cold north winds. You can use your lean-to conservatory as a greenhouse, playroom, dining room, lounge or kitchen. Great features like floor heating and double-glazing allow you to have a new living room area for a fraction of the usual price.

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